5. The Trophy Rifle

Many hunters develop a close bond with their primary rifle. Over time it becomes more to them than just a firearm and a tool of the harvest. It becomes a very personal possession - a trusted companion on every hunt.

Because of its quality of design, materials, and craftsmanship, it stands the test of time and continues to prove to be more than up to the task of bringing home the harvest without fail.

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Such a trusted rifle becomes an extension of the essence of who we are and a symbol of our will to survive - and to be free.

Truly such a special rifle is as much a trophy as the rack of horns or game head on the wall in the den. Each time the Faeton is taken from its case and handled, it quietly reminds of those hard hunts endured to earn that meat in the larder and the horns on the wall. Yes, a good rifle becomes more than a mere tool, in time it becomes a cherished trophy, too.

We believe that every man deserves to own and hunt with at least one Great Rifle in his lifetime. A rifle that becomes a trusted friend and a treasured heirloom. We believe your Faeton would certainly become that One Great Rifle. It has for many others.

We would be honored to craft a Faeton for you.

Often mimicked - Never equaled


About Me

Hi. I've been a student, admirer, designer, and builder of underhammer firearms for over 30 years. In that span I've crafted over 200 high-quality Forsyth-rifled underhammer guns, having explored the possibilities from the ordinary to the exotic. In 1996 I founded Pacific Rifle Company to explore the market's interest in a quality underhammer rifle. The justly-famous Zephyr was the result of that effort. Thankfully, there was and still is great interest in quality underhammer arms. Although I sold PRC in 2006, I continue to design and craft high-end underhammers as I am truly afflicted with underhammeritis - a condition which can be contagious!